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If you are someone that is considering hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) I would like to first say, good luck, be safe, and enjoy yourself. Whether you are preparing for the upcoming season or you are in the initial stage of deciding that this adventure is a current goal of yours, you will have to first determine which direction you would like to travel.

The AT is a 2,190 mile trail, not including the 8 mile Amicalola Falls approach trail, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. This trek typically takes 5 to 7 months and sees a thru-hike completion rate…

How it Still is Improving Mine — A Journaling Appreciation Post

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On June 17, 2020 I began journaling every day. Today I will write my three-hundred and fifteenth entry. I have missed some days throughout the process, but for the most part I have remained fairly diligent. I started journaling because I wanted to attempt to reflect on my internal monologue each day and reckon with whether or not I authentically believed in what I was feeling.

Throughout our lives and every moment we experience we absorb an enormous amount of incoming data and information to process. We take in news, the feelings and reactions of others, and the weight of…

It Is More Important Than You May Know

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Bears are majestic animals. They inspire imagery of the vast power of the wilderness and our relationship with it. They remind us that we are not always at the height of the animal hierarchy when in the great outdoors. Feelings of respect are almost inherent when thinking of bears, though one thing that we may not usually associate with them is their significance to the greater ecosystem.

By now most of us have heard of the crisis surrounding polar bears. Due to global warming we are seeing the loss of sea ice, bears being forced to spend longer durations of…

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

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When Alexander Parkes developed and demonstrated the first man-made plastic in 1862, it was in the form of what is known as celluloid. This high-potential material was stumbled upon by Parkes after he had spilled a bottle of collodion, noticed its natural drying traits, and subsequently combined the solution with camphor. There is no way Alexander Parkes could have known just how ubiquitous this material would become. Over time the way in which plastics manifest would slowly take shape into what we know and take utmost advantage of in our modern lives.

While plastics are of potentially greatest concern in…


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